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The Strange Game members: Ellis Cohen, Brandon Leon, Tony Silver and Tim Capps.



Ellis Cohen – Born in Manchester, UK


Ellis began playing and writing over 30 years ago but took a 28 year sabbatical. Arriving back into playing and writing songs was a journey of personal growth. Life's never ending process is painted into all of his songs with all the colors of joy and sorrow. The serendipitous event of teaming with Tim Capps allowed his work an expression it never have had before. "Tim is amazingly creative and talented and has the knack for knowing when things work for us and when they don't".

In the sojourn between his resurrection into the world of songwriting, Ellis leaped into several careers the first being a Costume Designer and the second as a Chief Technologist for a variety of companies. "None of these endeavors has ever come close to the majesty and magic of songwriting." 

The Strange Games first album was born out of the melding of the talents of Ellis and Tim. The love of playing, writing and producing is embedded in each song. Ellis and Tim are now working on their second album so stay tuned.


Hobbies: Songwriting, playing guitar, playing keyboards, playing the didgeridoo, hiking, travelling, cross country skiing, life.






Tim Capps - Born in Egham, UK, 1961


Tim has been playing music since about 1978. His primary instrument is Drums, mainly because if he'd have learned the flute, he'd have had to bother to learn to read music.  He also plays keyboards enough to get by, and he monkeys around with guitar and violin.

Tim played with lots of great musicians, and and has been a member of several bands like "Terminal Illness", "Phantom The Band", "Jambo", "Chongo Blue", "Bath Hampton Den", "Not The Boy Scouts", "The David Hurley Trio", and now his current band is "The Strange Game", with bandmate and good friend Ellis Cohen.  Tim played in a rock opera called "The Seed", and has played drums in a couple of churches, including a church sponsored event at the Pasadena Conference Center (“playing through such a massive sound system was amazing”).  He’s written a few songs, one of which had lyrics he didn't like, so he collaborated with Ellis on new lyrics, and it's now on the album "The Strange Game". The song is called "You can run".

Tim’s been a computer programmer for 20+ years, owned a couple of companies including an ISP, concentrating on datacenters, networks, and enterprise architecture these days.


Hobbies include: Music, Flying, Skydiving, Scuba, Skiing, Rappelling, Reptile Rescue, Computers, Electronics



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